Brazilian Luxury Design

Luxury design with intelligence, boldness in the choice of materials, awarded and recognized in more than 40 countries. This is Riva, a Brazilian brand that has become a world reference in the design of high-end objects in 18/10 stainless steel, silver and 24K gold.
Brazilian Luxury Design
Brazilian Luxury Design
Welcome to <strong>Riva's World</strong>
Welcome to <strong>Riva's World</strong>

Welcome to Riva's World

From São Paulo to Tokyo, from apartments in Copacabana to yachts in France and the best stores in Dubai: Riva brings the luxury, art and incomparable shine of its metals to the world. Contemporary, innovative objects, Brazilian essence, impeccable materials and designed through partnerships with new and renowned talents.

Impeccable Raw Material

The raw material base is the stainless steel 18/10. This number is the quality seal of Riva objects, and refers to the metal composition: 18% chromium and approximately 10% nickel. The oxygen, when combined with chromium forms a thin chromium oxide layer on its surface, which gives the stainless steel a high resistance to corrosion. Therefore, the better the polishing of a workpiece the more its surface is in contact with air and consequently more resistant to oxidation.

Made In Riva

Quality is an obsession for the entire Riva team. From the choice of raw material, from the careful care with the making of the objects, from the packaging to the service: Riva's culture is that which values ​​a unique, impeccable and resistant object. Combining modern industrial techniques with handicraft skills, Riva's workshops pride themselves on their tradition of delivering art and talent for each finished object.


Located in the south of Brazil, in the Serra Gaúcha, they are in Riva's workshops where all objects are conceived, made and packaged. In addition to the distribution center and central office, Studio Riva, the creative studio and the brand's laboratory, operate within the workshops. With social and environmental responsibility, several brand objects are designed based on the sustainable use of waste.

Gaining the World

Riva is present in large and renowned decoration and design stores in the world. The objects can be found in more than 40 countries, including: United States, Canada, Portugal, Lebanon, Turkey, Japan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. In addition, every year Riva presents its launches at major fairs in the segment such as Ambiente The Show, in Germany, considered the largest event in the sector, and at the Abup fair, in São Paulo.

Riva Touch

It is the polishing process developed by Riva to finish objects. This means that the work done by the polisher is individual for each object that arrives in his hands, guaranteeing a better shine and finish, in an exclusive system of hand polishing made with special export-type wool - the same wool used in international garments. A special material that results in a truly incomparable shine.


Riva objects finished in black nickel, silver and 24K gold receive a protective layer that makes them resistant to browning and oxidation. With this nanotechnological protection film, objects should be cleaned only with a soft cloth and alcohol. In addition, they become water- repellent, as this protective layer is biologically safe, inert to the skin and hypoallergenic, making it safe for use with food.


From classic to contemporary, from simple to bold, the common thread between all Riva pieces and collections is awareness and the power to impress even with the most basic of pieces. In addition to the designs by Studio Riva, the brand's creative studio and laboratory, Riva develops partnerships with big names in the national and international design scene such as Adriano Design, Arthur Casas, Claudia Moreira Salles, Jacqueline Terpins, Ronald Sasson and Zanini de Zanine.


Even for the more lay eyes, what makes Riva unique is its design. From classic to contemporary, from simple to bold, the common thread among all of Riva's pieces and collections is the awareness and power to impress even with the most basic pieces. From the design, came the recognition: iF Design Award, the "Oscar" of the world design, Reddot Design Award, Design Preiss Nominee, Good Design, besides the Brazilians, Design Excellence Brazil, Salão Design, Brazilian House Museum and participation in the three Brazilian Biennials Of Design are some of the stamps that Riva received for its projects. In addition to the designs of Studio Riva, the creative studio and laboratory of the brand, Riva develops partnerships with big names in the national and international design scene as Adriano Design, Arthur Casas, Jacqueline Terpins, Ronald Sasson e Zanini de Zanine.


    "Our grandmother cooked the paste inside the sauce can...". Angiolina is not simply a spaghetti pot, but a story that started during the second world war. With surprising shapes and fascinating lines, the Adriano brothers' pot was awarded the iF Design Award.


    Awarded in double dose, the cutlery signed by Arthur Casas are inspired by the geometry of the Jararaca snake. A contemporary and Brazilian trait, the slightly triangular shapes are an invitation to marvel at each mouthful.


    With an innovative design, signed by Rubens Simões, it won first place in the 31st design award Museu da Casa Brasileira, in the utensils category. The award, held since 1986, is the most traditional and prestigious of the segment in the country.


    The award-winning bottles designed by Rubens Simões have non-toxic silicone stoppers. They are composed of 18/10 stainless steel and lead-free crystalline glass, which offers a greater shine, hand-blown with exclusive Riva design.


    With only one element per piece, Ronald Sasson translates into simplicity the genuine synonym of elegance, together with the raw material of excellence. The result of this is the success of audiences and international awards, such as the A ’Design Award, an Italian award, which included the Slice centerpiece.


    A Riva icon. Toledo is based on a manipulable initial structure, which allows the emergence of innumerable forms. For Rubens Simões, creative behind Riva, "The Toledo Fruit Bowl is a demonstration of the versatility of 18/10 stainless steel".

Special Projects

Riva transforms its design vision into a creative discipline, offering companies the opportunity to develop exclusive and customizable objects to meet the wishes of a modern audience and the distribution needs of an increasingly global and competitive market.


The Átomos snack holder by Claudia Moreira Salles, combines the texture and veins of wood with the luminosity and shades of the various steel finishes developed by Riva. The concave and round shapes highlight the characteristics of each material. The walnut spheres have magnets inserted and can be placed anywhere on the base, creating two areas. Átomos can be used as a holder for chestnuts and other snacks or simply as a decorative object.

Futebol de Moeda

With the intention of rescuing the playful world of the old finger football game assembled with wood and nails, Futebol de Moeda, by designer Zanini de Zanine for Riva, appears as a functional and provocative stainless steel object in today's times, where technological games are more present than analog ones.

Handmade Project

Tuju was a partnership between Riva and Studio Jahara, at the invitation of the Handmade project, from the English magazine Wallpaper. The concept of kitchen utensils designed by Brunno Jahara for the Tuju restaurant, and made by Riva, was materialized through objects with steel polishing, handmade by the artisans, and with a gold finish, reinforcing the preciousness of the collection.

Herança Cultural

Riva values ​​collaborations with like-minded professionals: design can change the way we see the world around us. In partnership with Riva and the Herança Cultural store, designer Ronald Sasson created the Mudos series. All the pieces were made in Riva's workshops, with excellent craftsmanship, added to the latest technology.


The collection is the result of a partnership between Riva and architect Arthur Casas, one of the icons of national and international architecture. Inspired by Jacaranda, the objects are finished with Pau Ferro wood, which has similar characteristics and is environmentally friendly.

Stella Artois

Riva develops innovative objects to meet the wishes of a modern audience and the needs of an increasingly global and competitive market. Like the Ritz Collection that was customized for Stella Artois.

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