Cleaning and conservation

In order to offer our customers a cleaning product with the same quality of our objects, Riva has developed the Rivacream, which is a special cleaning cream for silver, stainless steel and glass. It returns the shine of the pieces, as well as remove small scratches, ensuring the conservation of your objects. Rivacream is available in individual packaging or in boxes with 12 units.


The silver cleaning is quite simple. The product indicated is Rivacream, a cream developed by Riva to keep the pieces looking the best. We recommend that the product be spread on the pieces with a cotton, let it react and, before the product begins to dry, remove the excess with a dry cotton,  lightly polishing to brighten. The product in contact with the surface of the piece is sufficient to eliminate stains. Stainless steel can be cleaned in the same way, and does not require much maintenance. However, even if it is resistant to oxidation, it is recommended to dry thoroughly after washing and leave no food residue on the parts to avoid staining. Ideally, never use abrasives or brushes, and always rub in the direction of polishing.