Jacqueline Terpins

Jacqueline Terpins graduated from the school of fine arts at UFRJ, studied glass blowing technique in Penland School of Craft and Pilchulk Glass School (USA) and drawing at Byam Shaw School of Painting and Drawing (England). The designer and artist has a line of objects in blown glass and furniture glass laminate plan. As artist participated in several group and solo exhibitions in São Paulo – Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Contemporary Art and the Brazilian House Museum – and the Post Office Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro. 

From the crystal and an impressive ability to investigate its vast possibilities, Jacqueline Terpins built over two decades a solid and fruitful career, becoming one of the most important figures of Brazilian contemporary design. Set Jacqueline as a designer, however, would be a reductionist attitude. Since the creative acts in the vast interstices between the visual arts and the creation of utilitarian objects.