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Luxury design with intelligence, bold choices in materials, partnerships with new and established talents, contemporary inspirations in one of the most traditional Brazilian design brands. This is the story of Riva, a Brazilian company that has become a world reference in the design of utilitarian and multifunctional objects in silver and stainless steel. The factory located in Caxias do Sul was founded in 1988 by industrial designer Rubens Simões. Inspired by the concept "less is more" he created the brand in order to perfect his talent, combining exquisite design and practicality, translated into works of art. The designer follows the most varied aspects and levels of production in his company, ensuring quality, concept and innovation.

Welcome to Riva's World!


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Riva quality seal

Quality is an obsession of the entire Riva team. From the choice of the raw material, the meticulous care with the preparation of the objects, from the packaging to the service: Riva's culture values ​​a unique, impeccable and resistant object. The stainless steel used by Riva is the 18/10: this number is the seal of quality of the objects of the brand, and make reference to the composition of the metal: 18% of chromium and approximately 10% of nickel. This composition gives to the Stainless Steel a high resistance to corrosion and oxidation much superior to the conventional Stainless Steel. Riva Touch is the polishing process developed by Riva to finalize our objects. This means that the work done is individual for each object what ensures better brightness and finish, in an exclusive system of hand polishing made with a special export type of wool - the same wool used in the international confections. A special material that results in a truly incomparable shine.



Even for the more lay eyes, what makes Riva unique is its design. From classic to contemporary, from simple to bold, the common thread among all of Riva's pieces and collections is the awareness and power to impress even with the most basic pieces. From the design, came the recognition: iF Design Award, the "Oscar" of the world design, Reddot Design Award, Design Preiss Nominee, Good Design, besides the Brazilians, Design Excellence Brazil, Salão Design, Brazilian House Museum and participation in the three Brazilian Biennials Of Design are some of the stamps that Riva received for its projects. In addition to the designs of Studio Riva, the creative studio and laboratory of the brand, Riva develops partnerships with big names in the national and international design scene as Arthur Casas, Jacqueline Terpins, Zanini de Zanine e Adriano Design.

Riva Recognition


Today, Riva's atelier is based in Caxias do Sul and have approximately 60 employees, in addition to more than 300 indirect jobs. Riva's annual production covers more than 800 items - among them cutlery, rechauds, tea and coffee lines, gourmet and decorative objects. Objects of need that have become objects of desire. Design, elegance, daring, talent, contemporaneity and innovation. Thus, Riva has become a world reference in design of utilitarian and multifunctional objects in silver and stainless steel. 100% national technology added to the Brazilian design, recognized and admired in more than 30 countries. Riva is also recognized for following the environmental standards. The factory was certified with the German WRC recycling label to follow the reverse condition of all phases of its production - from the water used for the full recovery of the metals contained in the galvanic waste.

Riva Touch


Located in Rio Grande do Sul, it is in Riva's atelier where all our objects are created, produced and packed. In addition to the distribution center and central office, Studio Riva, the brand's breeding studio and laboratory, are within the workshops.