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Riva in the corporate market

Riva Hotel | Bistro meets the specific needs of restaurants, bars and hotels.

To meet the specific needs and requirements of the corporate market for restaurants, bars and hotels that demands the highest standards of quality and service, Riva has created the Hotel | Bistrô, a segmentation of the entire line of Riva objects made especially for this purpose, in a differentiated negotiation, with sale of items in units and special packaging, besides the possibility of the development of exclusive pieces.

Request a catalog and quote through our vendas@riva.com.br or by phone +55 54 3227 1200.


With 20 years of life, Cantaloup restaurant, located in the heart of Itaim in São Paulo, pioneered the complete innovation of gastronomy, service and ambience creating a new standard of excellence in the São Paulo circuit. The contemporary menu ventures into aspects of different cultures to create a light, delicate and borderless gastronomy. The open and spacious ambience has a unique design in which every detail is tailor made for the home. The wine list - one of the most complete in the city, with 13 countries - invites you to dare, to know, to experience. And this is the proposal of Cantaloup: to provide you with a new experience, without borders and of the highest quality.

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