Finger Soccer By Zanini de Zanine

With the intention of rescuing the playful world of the old finger-mounted soccer game with wood and nails, the Stainless Steel Finger Soccer, from designer Zanini de Zanine to Riva, emerges as a functional and provocative object in today’s times, where technological games are more present than analog.

Herança Cultural by Ronald Sasson

Riva values collaborations with like-minded professionals: Design can change the way we see the world around us. In partnership with Riva and the Herança Cultural Store, designer Ronald Sasson presents specially for Design Weekend, the Mudos series. All the pieces were executed in the Riva workshops, with the handcraft work of excellence, added to the latest technology.

Jacarandá Collection by Arthur Casas

The collection is the result of a partnership between Riva and Arthur Casas, one of the icons of national and international architecture. Inspired by the Jacarandá, the finish of the objects is made with Pau Ferro wood, which has similar characteristics and is allowed ecologically.


The real mission of Riva is design. For this reason, it was decided to transform its vision of design and project expertise into a creative discipline, making this service available to companies in other sectors. For Bavaria, Riva customized the Cori Bucket in two sizes, with Gold Titanium finish and brand identity.


Riva develops innovative objects to meet the wishes of a modern audience and the needs of an increasingly global and competitive market. Like the Ritz Collection, that was customized for Stella Artois.


Tuju was a partnership between Riva and Studio Jahara, by an invitation of the Handmade project of the English Magazine Wallpaper. The concept of the kitchen utilities designed by Brunno Jahara for Tuju restaurant, and made by Riva, was materialized through objects steel polished,  handmade and finished in gold, reinforcing the preciousness of the collection.


Art. Technique. Design. 


These three attributes brought together two names in Brazilian design: Zanini de Zanine and Riva. On the one hand, Zanini de Zanine talent, one of the most prominent names in authoring design, known for its bold and contemporary style. On the other hand, Riva, the luxury design brand that brings Brazilian talent to more than 30 countries.

Zanini de Zanine is from Rio de Janeiro and in love with the possibilities of creation. To pursue different textures, to experiment materials and to explore new forms is the north of its production. In Riva's workshops, he found the perfect atmosphere to apply his talent, in an environment where technical skills works in togheter with artisanal work.

From this union, where steel meets form, where talents meet, a unique collection was born, designed to shine in any environment - the Zanini de Zanine Collection by Riva. Heineken and Riva have given to some customers a taste of this work: the Zanine Zanini Bottle Opener with exclusive finish in Titanium Gold.


Undeniably complex and soft with the smoked taste. This is the definition and signature of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label: a work of art with the most handcrafted labels. One of the world's most exclusive whiskey labels, Johnnie Walker promoted the Johnnie Walker Mentor Experience - an exclusive tasting of Johnnie Walker's superpremium whiskeys and a true immersion opportunity in a unique and sophisticated Johnnie Walker universe. For this event, DIAGEO sought Riva for the development of an individual tray model for Mentor Johnnie Walker events, using materials of excellent finish, prioritizing the combination of the contrast between black and metal.

Fruit Holder by Isay Weinfeld

The São Paulo citizen Isay Weinfeld is considered one of the most important Brazilian architects of his generation. Eclectic, he dedicates himself with equal passion to cinema, to theatrical projects, to the scenery of shows and exhibitions. It also stands out for the instigating questioning of the profession and for proposing solutions out of the box. A visually creative explosion expressed in its own stroke. Many of his architecture, interior architecture and decoration projects have already been awarded by the Institute of Architects of Brazil.

The ISAY fruit bowl is one of the icons of Brazilian design and is made with two typical Brazilian components: Imbuia native wood and Riva silverware.